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  1. Binary plan

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Binary is the most simple plan of Network Marketing Business. This plan is based on the number '2'. So, how does it work? Let me show an example. We all have two hands - left and right. Now think these two hands as your new joiner in your Network business.
Now, these two members of you also have two hands - left and right. So both of them can bring two members, each for the business. And this system goes on. And you need to match each and every pair to get the maximum profit.
Webinfotech the best company among product based mlm companies in india for your Multi Level Marketing Business.

  1. Australian Binary MLM Plan

Australian Binary is very similar like Tri-binary. Here you can have an extra joiner as the third hand. And you don't need to match the pair to get the maximum benefit like the Tri-binary plan. But you need to make three down lines under one parent introducer.
Our 12 years experienced team can offer you the finest Australian Binary MLM Software.

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  1. Spillover Binary Plan

It is also a variant of the Binary mlm plan, but there is a catch. You know that in Binary mlm plan, you need to have a pair of new joiners, under you. But you are quite resourceful. You can recruit more than two members for your team. What should you do?
It is also a variant of the Binary plan, but there is a catch. You know that in Binary plan, you need to have a pair of new joiners, under you. But you are quite resourceful. You can recruit more than two members for your team. What should you do? This way you can help your first binary pair to improve their prospects too.
Spillover MLM Software from Webinfotech is one of the best solutions you can find in India.

  1. Single-Line (Mono-Line) MLM

The term 'Mono' means single. So the Monoline plan endorses single-line MLM business strategy. You can only have one hand and your team members also need to follow the suite. It can also be called Single leg or single line MLM plan.This is a very effective Network Business Plan which offers excellent growth for your business.
In here, if you're joining early in the network, it would be very profitable. You can earn money just by recruiting a single member. So there is no compulsion to match the pair like the binary plan suggest. Even when your down-line members recruiting someone for them, you are getting the profit.
If you need the best single Line MLM Software in India, then the obvious choice is MLM Software Pro.

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  1. Uni-level MLM Plan

This is one of the most popular MLM business plan. There is no limit for you to make new members under you. You can add unlimited numbers of people under your distribution tree.
Most of the big Network Business companies employ this business tactic to endow their members enormous profit. This plan is often called the simplest and easiest MLM plan.
And any multi level marketing professional who is looking for a free uni-level MLM Software demo, must contact us at 9330160431.

  1. Australian X-UP plan

Australian X-UP plan is a modern derivative of the Unilevel MLM plan. To purify the Unilevel , this plan came to the existence.
There are One-up, Two-up, Three Up or the X-UP systems available. After joining the network, your first sale goes to the up-line and he/she get the profit. You'll get profiting from your 2nd sales. The same thing applies for your teams too. When your team members generated their first sale, the same way it goes to you. And you got the profit. This series can continue indefinitely.
X-UP is a very dynamic MLM compensation plan. You need an advanced X-UP MLM Software to tackle this kind of business strategy.

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  1. Matrix MLM Plan

Matrix MLM plan is a kind of Pyramid like structure plan. It is fixed with height and width. That means there is a limit, how much people you can recruit directly. It has some derivatives like2 x2, 3 x 5, 5 x 7 etc.
Suppose your company endorses 5 x7 system. That means you can recruit 5 people directly - you have a fixed width. And the same system goes up to 7th level. That means : -

  • First Level : 5 members as your direct leg.
  • 2nd Level : 25 members as 2nd leg.
  • 3rd Level : 125 members as 3rd leg.
  • 4th Level : 625 members as 4th leg.
  • 5th Level : 3125 members as 5th leg.
  • 6th Level : 15625 members as 6th leg.
  • 7th Level : 78125 members as 7th leg.

  • Our MLM Software Pro is perfectly suited to take care of these kinds of Matrix Level business with ease.

    1. Party MLM Plan

    This is a certain type of MLM plan more popular among the women. basically it's a women centric MLM Plan. They organize a party or mega event. People visit the event, buy the product and the distributors get the commission. In this business strategy, there is a little or no influence of Multilevel Marketing can be seen. People often attend these kind of events to purchase products at a very low price.

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    About Us Image

    1. Board MLM Plan

    Most of the Direct Selling companies endorse this type of MLM plan. You can call it Matrix Cycle Plan or Revolving Matrix Plan. In this plan a board is created and it may contain 3 or 5 or 9 members. When you join the board, you need to recruit limited number of members as your down line. When you complete the same, you're done. Now no recruitment is required from your end. when the board is full, it splits and the top members are promoted to the higher board along with some additional rewards.

    1. Gift MLM Plan

    This particular MLM plan also can be called as Donation plan or Help plan. The policy is give and take. When you join the network, you donate some money to your up-line. When people join under you, you get the donations. You'll have to give one time, but get multiple time or unlimited time. This kind of MLM plan is banned in many countries as Govt. of those countries find it's kind of money laundering scheme.

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    1. Generation MLM Plan

    This MLM plan is based on profit sharing business. This program is profitable for both newcomers and seniors. In here, the production company share the advertisement cost among it's members and distributors. People make money by selling products below their down-lines. The companies can directly sell their products to the consumers.

    1. Hybrid MLM Plan

    The word Hybrid means Amalgamation or Combination. The Hybrid MLM plan blends the features of multiple MLM plans in it. Each and every member is treated as distributor in this kind of Multilevel Business Plan. Most hybrid plans are the mixtures of Binary and Uni-level MLM plans.
    In this particular plan, the network goes deeper and wider. The most significant thing is that, here the down-line members are given more importance. Professionals, who are doing business with this business strategy, need Hybrid MLM Software to get the most profit.

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