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matrix mlm software

Matrix MLM Software

Get matrix mlm software,with free demo and free download and matrix mlm plan calculator as we are belongs to matrix mlm companies in india.A matrix plan, also known as a matrix sales or site, and a business model in the form of a helter-skelter, excavator or ladder plan that involves the exchange of funds for a certain product, with a maximum Is added to the waiting list for the product. Value in excess of the given amount. Matrix schemes are sometimes considered similar to Ponzi or pyramid schemes.


Matrix MLM plan is a kind of Pyramid like structure plan. It is fixed with height and width. That means there is a limit, how much people you can recruit directly. It has some derivatives like2 x2, 3 x 5, 5 x 7 etc. Suppose your company endorses 5 x7 system. That means you can recruit 5 people directly - you have a fixed width. And the same system goes up to 7th level.
  • First Level : 5 members as your direct leg.
  • 2nd Level : 25 members as 2nd leg.
  • 3rd Level : 125 members as 3rd leg.
  • 4th Level : 625 members as 4th leg.
  • 5th Level : 3125 members as 5th leg.
  • 6th Level : 15625 members as 6th leg.
  • 7th Level : 78125 members as 7th leg.

  • matrix mlm plan calculator

    To calculate the commission, you need to add the joining amount and the width of your frontline. You need to attach package fees, product or service costs, taxes in this calculator. Payouts will be limited or restricted based on the input we enter when we reach a certain level of earnings.

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