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Welcome to the best MLM Software Company in India. Tech Genius Solutions provides affordable software development solutions for the Multilevel Marketing organizations across the World.

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What is MLM Software?

What is MLM Software?

The full form of MLM is Multi Level Marketing. Software is a specific set of data and computer instructions created with codes, which guide the computer (or other Digital Devices like Mobile, Tablets, etc.) to accomplish certain tasks.
MLM Software is a specially designed business management computer-program that can take care of Multi-level/Network Marketing and/or Affiliate Marketing and/or Direct Selling and/or Pyramid Selling.

How MLM Software Works?

Top MLM Software assists all the users/administers of the Multi-level Marketing organization to manage their day-to-day business related operations. With the help of Network Marketing Application, you can generate leads, supervise on the team members and their selling activities, track and manage data, regulate compensation plans, pay-packages, and many more.

Why Select Tech Genius MLM Software?

MLM Software Pro is the latest creation of Tech Genius Solutions, India. After a decade long research and development experience, we have finally made it. This state-of-the-art application is augmented with numerous modern and advanced features that you need most.
Tech Genius offers you out of the box solutions to make your Network Marketing organization successful. The top MLM Software developers keep themselves updated all the time and get us the most effective solutions through their development works.
You will get an unexpected better outcome through the whole process. Remember, we have been doing it since 2007 in India.

Why Choose MLM Software Company
  • 1. Intelligent and Data Driven Solution

This intelligent and data-driven multi-level retailing software can help you to discover the most important insights for enhanced decision making Solution. It helps your direct selling business to climb on a higher corporate ladder. We developed it with the right tools and features to provide our clients with a competitive edge and ensure maximum profit for your organization. Our professional and dedicated programmers and developers support business entrepreneurs since their customers and distributors are encouraged to enhance the sales force through an easy and effective online application platform.

  • 2. Coding with PHP, Asp.NET, Python, and JavaScript

We developed this leading MLM Software in PHP, mainly. Our decade long proven experience and expertise in Database Management and Asp.Net coding is integrated with this top professional affiliate marketing application.
We also use other leading programming languages like Python and JavaScript, etc. in the programming architecture to make it more sophisticated and rich in features. The PHP source codes are also available for the advanced application development engineers.

  • 3. Book a Free MLM Software Demo Online

You can always book a free MLM software demo online. We know it is very crucial for all to check the capabilities of this cutting edge application. People need to know how it works and how it can get them benefit that other apps cannot offer.
The online demo will provide vital information to you. You can test and evaluate our Network Marketing freeware for your organization. Just call us at +91-9330160431 and get your copy of online MultiLevel trading applications for free in India.

  • 4. Best Suited for Small and Big Organizations

It doesn't matter if your organization is big or small, new or old - our cheap MLM application-software is perfectly suitable for your multi-level marketing business. It's user friendly, secure, fast, reliable, stable and affordable. We created it this way that all kinds of farms can utilize it effectively and grow their revenue.

With our latest Network Marketing application, you will be able to make accurate data analysis, analyze the performance of each and every individual sponsor, business associate, partner or down-line. You can spot their insight and shortcomings. So that your company can identify what kind of effort you need to take in order to make them successful in the business.

With our cutting edge Affiliate Marketing Software development services, you can show them how long they are inactive in the business. In that meantime how others have performed and what they've achieved. What are the actions can be taken to win the advanced rank? What are the minimum tasks are there in order to gain significant growth?

Most Powerful Features of MLM Software Pro

Highly Secured MLM Software

E-commerce Integration

The integration of E-commerce is very important for multilevel businesses. Our high-tech MLM System tool is designed to integrate all kinds of E-commerce modules.

Top Sponsors of MLM

Professional Support

Our professionals support team includes freeware engineers, database administrators, MLM plan analysts and network marketing business consultants.

Multiple Language Support

User Friendly GUI

We build user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) and modules that can be handled by all users. They can interact through it and operate easily and fast.

MLM administrator


By using our MLM productivity suite, you can administer, view and manage your businesses growth through the centralized control panel as an administrator.

Refer and Earn in Direct Sales


The price of our cheap MLM Software is around ₹25000/- (INR). For the clients outside India can spend $350 to get it. The cost depends on adding advanced features.

Helpdesk Support for Network Marketing

24X7 Helpdesk

We have an award winning Helpdesk team who works 24x7 round the clock. They are doing it for many years. Our expert support team will never disappoint you.

MLM Software Pro

Best for Various MLM Compensation Plans

The latest network marketing computer programs in India are offered by Tech Genius Solutions. Professionals can integrate various kinds of profitable multilevel marketing business plans. You may know that there are more than 12 different types of MLM compensation plans at work.
Different multi-level marketing companies choose one of these various kinds of Network Marketing business plans. Some companies even prepare the combination of different network-marketing compensation plan to make it work for them as well as their beneficiaries (team members, affiliates, upline, downlines, etc.).
Our application is perfectly suitable for the different network marketing strategies in India and abroad.
There are Binary, Trinary, Matrix, Uni-level, Single-line/Monoline, Australian X-UP Binary, Generation, Board, Gift, Party Plan, Spillover Binary, Australian Binary, Stair-step, Crypto Currency based Blockchain MLM Software with Bitcoin and many more you can choose from.
But the list doesn't just end here. If you have any custom direct-selling business scheme in mind and wish to develop your computer program according to that scheme, then come to us. You will not get disappointed.

Expert in ERP MLM Software Designing

Tech Genius enjoys 13 years of experience in serving the top class MLM ERP software designing and development solutions in India. Since 2007, we have been developing advanced business management freeware to assist all types of Industries. Direct selling application development is regarded as the first-rated among all of them.
When we started, there were not many applications available related to multilevel marketing businesses across the Globe. We have got numerous requests from various Direct Sales business entrepreneurs to develop custom MLM ERP productivity suite for them.
We have some expert network marketing consultants in our company. They helped us to explore all the areas of multi-level-marketing business in India and beyond. This is how we came to know and understand about different kinds of compensation schemes and aspects.
Our team consists of highly professional MLM software engineers who create the custom freeware according to that information.
With our top Development solution, we have satisfied more than 100 different Multilevel Marketing organizations that are involved in direct selling businesses. You too can boost your business prospects with us. Just book a free online freeware demo and see the difference.

best MLM Software


Binary MLM Software

Australian Binary

Spillover Freeware

MONOLINE/Single-line Shareware

UNI-LEVEL Application



PARTY Computer Program

BOARD MLM Programs






Tech Genious Solutions follows flawless working Procedure and keep up 8-stage working principle. Before setting up the system We guarantee a perfect framework method by employing the highest-quality standards into the system.

Requirements Analysis for multilevel marketing

Requirements Analysis

Scrutinize the business prerequisite and introduce with a theoretical model.

Software Development Process Planning


We establish a marketing strategy that matches up precisely with your business.

Multi-level marketing Software Process Design


We anticipate the goal of your business and demonstrate it to the world.

MLM Software Coding


Pursue the ideal and highest coding quality standard to strengthen the ideal structure.

Unit Testing

Unit Testing

Test every single unit distinctly to authenticate the objective as it is planned.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing

Evaluate the system functionalities before the acceptance in the new environment.

Advanced Technology Implementation


To execute the Best suited framework and build up your business in reality.

Software Training


Provide training and supervise with after sales assistance for the MLM application we provide.

Algorithm of our Software Engineering Procedures

We follow the below mentioned algorithm procedures in our top MLM Software Engineering Company. This way we can deliver the best services to our valuable clients.

1st Stage

Evaluate all the Requirements of Clients

2nd Stage

Analyzing, planning and workflow

3rd Stage

Design and development,
Testing and training

4th Stage

Delivery and Full After Sales Support

Top Advantages of MLM Software Pro

You may be wondering what are the advantages are there if you choose our latest MLM Software in India. You may be running a successful Multi-level marketing business and getting good growth. But have you ever considered going to the next level? If yes…then read on.

We offer some of the unique advantages with our top low cost Multilevel Marketing productivity suite to your business. Let's check these advantages:

We offer easy integration with your existing business structures. No matter what kind of direct selling Business plan you are deploying or what kind of products you are intended to sell, our Network Marketing Shareware is here to help you. You may have Binary or Matrix plan or anything else, our low cost MLM application is designed to integrate all those necessary things into your venture.
You are free to access this top direct-selling application from anywhere in the planet. Obviously you need a working internet connection with a respective device. You will have the full control of your direct selling business from anywhere you want.
As a owner of the business you need to manage your business members, sponsors, up-down lines and their commissions. Our Computer program can do this kind of things in one click.
This MLM application-Software in India offers very easy user friendly interface. This is why this program is very easy to operate. Anyone can operate the application with minimum training efforts.
Tech Genius offers most affordable multi-level Marketing freeware all over India. You are getting numerous necessary tools in this standalone application at the cheapest rate. With it the operation cost of business would be reduced up to 50 percent.
If you wish to buy our MLM Software at minimum monthly charges, then this facility is also available. Our company offers you the best service at cheap monthly rate. You will get the easy low cost EMI facility in here whenever you wish to purchase our direct selling application online.
One of the best advantages you will get is the multiple language support. As we need to serve our clients across the whole nation, we integrated it with different languages. You can use this finest affiliate marketing Application using English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and many more languages.
As you know that many people now use online wallet applications to buy and sell things online. So assimilate the online wallets and UPI systems into our perfect application was a priority for us. And we did it. You can now fuse any UPI and E-Wallet with your system using our MLM productivity suite.
In the MLM business you need both the Direct Selling Application and Website. Website is also a valuable part of you Network Marketing business. Our website designers are the best in here. They are developing all kinds of websites with HTML and WordPress. And the design is completely responsive and mobile friendly. So, if you want to design your Multilevel Marketing business website, here is our perfect web designing team ready for you.
Our MLM Genealogy Software automatically generates leads from various channels and distributes them to your sales team. The leads are generated by following the multi-level marketing genealogy methods. You can easily track the activities of your sales team and the leads. This is a very important feature we added as per the suggestions we have got from our Network Marketing consultants.

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