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Tech Genius Solutions is a leading Multilevel Marketing Software development company in India to offer the best and low cost Software solutions for to the best Network Mrketing brands across the country and the world. We help them to control, manage and organize the direct sales business and our motto is to help the clients to navigate their digital transformation. We made this affiliate Marketing application to assist you to build custom-made payment system and pay procedures.


We know that information is the most important apparatus in today's world. And if the information is incorporated with the Statistics, then you got your dreamland. Nothing can block you to achieve what you want. If you are blessed with it, you are invincible.

Why Choose Our MLM Software Pro

At Tech Genius Solutions, we have a reliable and responsible expert professional team of software developers in our company who also offer out-of-the-box solutions to satisfy rank rules and parameters for the leaders. We are involved in computer program development related to all kinds of businesses since 2007 in India. Our experienced programmers deals with complex plans regarding payment and compensation. Our intelligent and data-driven MLM software can discover the most important insights for enhanced decision making to provide your business with a higher corporate ladder. We developed the application with the right tools to provide our clients with a competitive edge and ensure maximum profit for your Company. Our professional developers support business entrepreneurs since their customers and distributors are encouraged to enhance the sales force through an easy and effective online software platform.

Our 12 plus years of proven experience and expertise in Database management and Asp.Net is integrated with this professional MLM application. You can always ask for a free demo of this MLM application. We can get you the success, where others fail. You can also achieve many feats in Network Marketing business using MLMSoftwarePro.

It doesn't matter if your organization is big or small, new or old - our application can be fully integrated with all kinds of Multilevel Marketing business plans. It's simple, secure, fast, reliable, stable and affordable. This is one of the most advanced Multilevel Marketing computer program you can find all over the world. And most amazingly, it's economical. Anyone can afford it.

With our latest Network Marketing software, you'll be able to make accurate data analysis, sanalyze the performance of each and every individual sponsor, business associate, partner or down-line. You can spot their insight and shortcomings. So that you can identify what kind of effort you need to take in order to make them successful in the business.

With our latest Indian MLM Software you can show them how long they are inactive in the business. In that meantime how others have performed and what they've achieved. What are the actions can be taken to win the advanced rank? What are the minimum tasks are there in order to gain significantly.

Highly Secure


We provide our perfect software solutions to all direct selling businesses accross India. Just ask us for a free MLM software demo.

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Our professionals support team includes engineers, database administrators, Multilevel plan analysts, consultants.

Multiple Language Support


We build GUI enriched and user-friendly program that can be handled by all users. They can interact through it and operate easily and fast.



By using our MLM Software, you can administer, view and manage your businesss growth through centralized control panel as an administrator.

Refer and Earn


Registered customers can also view network tree pattern, status and commission statement through it.

Software Support for MLM


We have an award winning support team who works 24x7 round the clock. Our expert support team will never dissapoint you.


Our Company offers you the best available Professional MLM applications with numerous profitable business plans. We know very much that different multi-level marketing companies deploy various kinds of Network Marketing compensation plans to make it work for them as well as the other beneficiaries. Trust us - we know better. That's how we can offer you the total solutions for all major MLM compensation plans like Binary, Trinary, Matrix, Unilevel, Monoline, X-UP, Generation, Board, Gift, Party Plan, Spillover Binary, Australian Binary, Stairstep and many more.

But the list doesn't just end here. If you have any custom plan in mind and wish to make it work - we have the solutions for you. Just tell us what is the new business plan you wish to incorporate in the software - and we will develop that kind of complete custom application for you. Simply wish for it - and it'll be done! That's how we do things.

12 Plus Years Experience in Software Development

We are giving our Software Development services since 2007 from Kolkata, India. After that we made numerous advanced and effective business related computer programs to assist all type of industries. MLM Software creation was one of them.

When we started, there was not much Software available related to multilevel marketing businesses across India. We have got numerous requests from the direct sales business entrepreneurs to develop custom MLM Software for them. That is how it all started.

We employed some network marketing experts in our company. They helped us to explore all the areas of this kind of business. We were able to know about different kinds of compensation plans and aspects. Our development teams made software according to that information.

With our Software Development solution, we have satisfied more than 100 different organizations involved in multilevel marketing business in India. You too can boost your business prospects with us. Just call us to book a free software demo and see the difference.















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Award Winning Service


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Complete Project


Tech Genious Solutions follow flawless working Procedure and keep up 8-stage working principle. Before setting up the system We guarantee a perfect framework method by employing the highest quality standards into the system.

Requirements Analysis

Requirements Analysis

Scrutinize the business prerequisite and introduce with a theoretical model.

Software Process Planning


We establish a marketing strategy that matches up precisely with your business.

Software Process Design


We anticipate the goal of your business and demonstrate it to the world.

Software Coding


Pursue the ideal and highest coding quality standard to strengthen the ideal structure.

Unit Testing

Unit Testing

Test every single unit distinctly to ratify the objective as it is planned.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing

Evaluate the system functionalities before the acceptance.

Technology Implementation


Execute the Best suited framework and build up your business in reality.

MLM Software Training


Provide training about the usage of the MLM Program and supervise with after sales assistance.

Algorithm of our Working Procedure

At our company, we pursue following algorithm to develop and deliver the software to our valuable clients:


Some important processes followed by our team


Analyzing, planning and workflow


Design and development,
Testing and training


Delivery and Full After Sales Support

Why Latest Network Marketing Software is Crucial for MLM?

You may be wondering why do you need a professional Network Marketing Software in the first place. Probably you are a very successful Network Marketer and doing excellent with your MLM business. So you never able to find any proper reason to buy such app.

You may know that one in thirteen adult people have associated themselves in the networking business during their lifetime. None can deny the this kind of business is booming worldwide. In 2018, direct selling industry has generated $192.9 billion in sales all over the world.

As per a report published by FICCI-KPMG, it's quite possible that the direct selling industry will generate ₹64500 crore revenue in India, by 2025. That's how more and more people getting involved into this business, more strategy, evolution and complexity is coming with them. So keeping all the data and records for all those things and manage them manually, is very tough.

This is one of many pivotal reasons that are responsible for the emergence of high-tech MLM Software. There are several other reason we can show you: -

    • Integration : No matter what kind of Network Marketing Business plans you are deploying or what kind of products you are intended to sell, our excellent Software for Affiliate Marketing is here to help you. You may have Binary or Matrix plan or anything else, our low cost application is designed to integrate all those necessary things into your venture.
    • Accessibility : You are free to access our MLM application from anywhere in the planet. Obviously you need an working internet connection with a respective device.
    • Manage databases and resources : As a owner of the business you need to manage your business members, sponsors, up-down lines and their commissions. Our program can do this kind of things in one click.
    • Ease of use : Our program is very easy to operate. Anyone can operate the application with minimum training efforts.
    • Affordable : With our affordable Affiliate Marketing computer program in India, we provide you all the necessary tools in one program with very affordable price. And the operation cost of your business can be reduced up to 50 percent.
  • Whether you are looking to dive into the Direct Selling business or already into it, you already felt the necessity to use a professional software for Direct Selling Business. We recommend you to try MLM Software Pro.

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